Ashland Water Polo is committed to ensuring our organization does everything it reasonably can to keep minors and vulnerable adults as safe from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct (SAM) as possible. In support of this objective, our Coaches and volunteers take SafeSport training and provide information to the players about recognizing and reporting on SAM. Our aim is to meet, and keep meeting, the expectation that our activities are as effective and safe as we can make them given the nature, scope, and scale of our SAM risk and our SAM risk management resources. This includes understanding that our decision-making processes will explicitly acknowledge the danger of ignoring cognitive biases, which we recognize are particularly prevalent with SAM. Until the threat of SAM is eliminated, we will maintain and contribute to the improvement of child protection practices.

Coaches are required to take SafeSport training and are not allowed to have regular contact with players until they have completed SafeSport training. Parents and players are encouraged to take the free SafeSport training courses available, as well.

If you are a parent looking for resources on keeping your athlete safe, you can access the SafeSport Parent Training at no cost. Create an account at, add the parent training to your bag, and you’ll be able to access the training. The Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport is designed for the parents of athletes of all ages. This course explains the issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and SafeSport experience.

Players are also encouraged to complete SafeSport training and can access the training via their USA Water Polo account. Login to USAWP, click on the player’s profile, and choose Center for SafeSport Training in the menu. Follow the prompts after that. The SafeSport Training for Youth will be available and can be completed over time.

Additional information on safety is available on USA Water Polo’s website.

If you have questions, please reach out to anyone on the Ashland Water Polo Board, and you will be directed to the club’s Safety Officer. Email the Board at